The Klingon Empire

In a press release, yesterday, the government revealed that contact has been made with the Klingon Empire. Said government press liaison, Granitor, "A Klingon cruiser entered our neutral zone and was intercepted by the Arachnid. The Klingon commander showed no interest in violating Tholian sovereignty." When pressed, Granitor refused to release further information about this newest neighbor.

At present, the government has released, contact has been made with two of four neighbors. It is, as yet, unknown whether the Hydran Kingdom or the Romulan Star Empire are hostile. Said Granitor, "The hope is to remain as remote from the rest of the galaxy as possible. Paradoxically, this may require making contact with our other neighbors, so that they are aware of our presence."

The Chronicle has drawn up a political map of this arm of the galaxy, from the data provided.