Hostilities have begun between the Holdfast and the Federation. In a speech by Chancellor Willtor, he announced that, "war has been declared on the United Federation of Planets. In actuality, [the declaration] is nothing more than the naming of an undeniable reality. ... One of our patrol wings, led by Commander Ignash, in command of the Tarantula detected a Federation reconnaissance ship entering the Tholian neutral zone. Under my orders, the Tarantula and its wing engaged the Federation vessel. With no damage to his own wing, whatsoever, he crippled and captured the Vulcan Heavy Cruiser, Aitrus."

The Chancellor then stated that the crew of the Aitrus had been apprehended and detained. "I have made an offer to the Federation for an end to hostilities, and to have its crew returned under the conditions that Tholian sovereignty be upheld, and Tholian borders be recognized."

The condition of the Vulcan crew is unknown. Willtor indicated that they would not be harmed, but a competing news organization (Hydran Broadcast Guild) has released a statement by a Federation Admiral that indicates that the Federation has given up on its crew, and will "commend their souls to the great mystery that awaits all sentient life at its end." Only time will tell which of these conflicting statements by the respective governments is accurate.