Battle for the Holdfast

Rumors of Federation incursions have been substantiated by independent sources. Numerous border breaches have been cited and it is certain, now, that the Holdfast is under attack. Spokestholian Lithor had this to say, "Our fleets have been mobilized. Chancellor Willtor is doing everything in his power to ensure the security of the Holdfast."

The Chronicle has learned that the Chancellor entered into dialog with the Federation after its fleets crossed the Tholian border. More conservative elements within the Holdfast are voicing their opinions of this policy. Certain Tholian Rights groups are requesting that Willtor step down so that he can be replaced by a Tholian with more orthodox methods, who will take this war to the Federation.

Other Tholians are more lenient. To quote one source, "A new galaxy requires new methods. Even though diplomacy turned out to be an exercise in futility, it was worth trying. And the only time this sort of diplomacy has even been tried is with a belligerent race. I don't think Chancellor Willtor should step down."

Nevertheless, a poll by the Chronicle indicates that 30% of Tholians on New Tholia think that Willtor should step down. Willtor's approval rating, since the news break, on the Nightly News, has plummeted to 55% from 87% three months ago. At any rate, it seems clear that if Willtor remains diplomatic, and his efforts fail, he will have to step down, likely to be replaced by someone more conservative.

As to the present situation it is unclear what stance the Hydran Kingdom has taken in this battle. It is not known whether the Hydrans have opened up dialog with the Holdfast.