Fleets are Forming

The Chronicle received an anonymous report from a high-ranking official within the government that a few days ago, a mixed Hydran and Federation fleet passed through the neutral zone and into Tholian space, and that a second Federation fleet began forming within the neutral zone. When asked for a comment, government spokestholian Lithor said only, "All matters of security are being dealt with. Beyond that I cannot comment at this time."

Since the acknowledgment of war by Chancellor Willtor, no border breaches have been reported. However, if these reports are confirmed, it would appear that the Holdfast is under siege from two sides. Senior military analyst, Pyroclastos, comments:

"Given the inferior military technology possessed by the aliens in this galaxy, any skirmishes would almost certainly be futile. However, given the projected resource base of the combined Federation and Hydran war machine, the outcome of a prolonged war is less certain. It is believed that the Federation, itself, possesses almost limitless starship construction capabilities for its navy.

"Should the as-yet uncontacted Romulans approach the Holdfast in a hostile way, claiming that we occupy their territory, Willtor may have no choice but to retract our borders. It is also not clear how, exactly, the Klingon Empire would respond to a shift in the balance of power within this region of space.

"In any case, while the Federation flexes its military muscle, it is not clear what it intends to do about its Vulcan crew. No press releases have been made by the Federation which might reveal their thoughts. It is, perhaps, possible that they don't place the same value on life that the Holdfast does, and that they have actually given up on them."

The Chronicle will release more on this situation as it develops.