Chancellor Pyroclastor Takes Office

Willtor's last act as Chancellor of the Holdfast has been to announce open hostilities towards the Federation. In a ceremony in the Parliament building on New Tholia, today, he stepped aside and was replaced by Parliamentarian Pyroclastor. Pyroclastor's first act was to redesignate the "Tholian Holdfast" as the "Tholian Will," just as in the home galaxy.

In a brief speech in Parliament, Pyroclastor announced that the redesignation was a return to the traditional ways of the Tholian people, which represents inherent Tholian unity. He said of Willtor, "My predecessor only ever had the interests of the Tholian people in mind when he made the changes he did, and his reign, especially his campaign against the Seltorians, will be forever remembered as an unprecedented victory for all Tholians, everywhere. Parliamentarian Willtor will remain head of the committee for military activity.

"Make no mistake," he continued, "it is the policy of the Tholian Will to totally expel all aliens who choose to violate our borders. The Federation clearly falls far short of its own ideals, and it may be that its people are so irrational that they will listen, only after they have been given sufficient 'incentive.'"