Chancellor Willtor Press Release:

The following is a press release from Chancellor Willtor:

"Of late, there have been rumors that I have entered dialog with the Federation. These rumors are true. It has been rumored that I opened the dialog after the Federation invasion. This, also, is true. Based on data recovered from the captured Federation cruiser, I have concluded that these aliens are merely over-zealous about contact. Their zealous nature has led them to take unfortunate and inadvisable steps, but I do not believe they are hostile. Similarly, I do not believe that my communications have fallen on deaf ears. Strange as it may sound in light of their invasion, I don't think they want war.

"In the event that I am mistaken, however, I have mobilized our fleets. The Tholian people have nothing to fear. We are in a position to annihilate every ship they have in our space, and we can be on the offensive as soon as I command it.

"On a related matter, I have heard the calls for my resignation. If I am wrong about the Federation, I am prepared to relinquish authority to Pyroclastor, who has been a vocal opponent of the concept of foreign relations. He will see that I have left the Holdfast in a position to act."


The Chronicle spoke to a few Tholians on the street, to hear their opinions:

Tholian 1: "What does Willtor mean by being mistaken? Hasn't the Federation already proven him mistaken? I think he needs to step down, now. I am familiar with his history, and am grateful, but this whole 'diplomacy' thing is only weakening the Holdfast."

Tholian 2: "I don't think Willtor should step down, but I do think he is being naive about the Federation's intentions. He should begin the attack, now. If anybody can lead us through a two front war, with the Federation and the Hydrans, it's Willtor."

Tholian 3: "Give it up. Diplomacy worked with the Klingons, but some people only understand force. The Federation needs to be brought to its knees before it will give up its 'zeal for contact.' We need Pyroclastor."

Thoian 4: "If the Federation hasn't attacked, yet, I have to imagine they are just foolish aliens, nothing more. We should pursue peace. Young, naive races like that need our protection, not our condemnation. I applaud Willtor's efforts in these matters. Pardon? My name? Look, I have neighbors."