Movie Review: The Godtholian

Summary (spoilers):
The Coraleone crime family transitions from one generation to the next. When young Mica Coraleone returns home from the second Seltorian War, a decorated hero, he wants nothing to do with the family business. But when an attempt is made on the life of his father, the Godtholian, family patriarch, Mica is drawn into a series of events which will lead to the loss of his ideals and acquisition of the title, Godtholian.

Review (spoilers):
8 Tholian-Claw-Thingies Up
Well written, directed, and acted, one readily identifies with young Mica and his transition from anti-Seltorian, pro-Tholian idealism, to crime boss. The writers find the heart of the Coraleone family methods when a director refuses to cast a Godtholian family friend in a movie, and consequently wakes up in bed with the severed head of his prized Yarnek. The Godtholian is destined for greatness. Let us only hope they don't ruin it with sequels.